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Berlin Students

My time studying international mediation, negotiation, and arbitration in Berlin was invaluable.  The program was thoughtfully created and executed, and the professors were not only accomplished practitioners, but also gifted teachers.  I especially appreciated the mix of theoretical discussions and practical applications as well as the diverse student body.  Berlin, and especially Humboldt University, was a fascinating place to study.  I would highly recommend this program to others.  

(Vanessa Rodriguez, Berlin '11, Tulane Law School '13)

2018 Student Evaluations: 


"I LOVED this course - I thought it was extremely well-run and the professors were all amazing/ top in their fields. The strong academic program was complemented by a strong social program and that enhanced the program immensely." 

"I got to travel, which I don't get to do a lot, which I think is beneficial in and of itself. I also think the workshops on negotiation and mediation were extremely effective and I feel as though I learned a lot. The professors were great because they were obviously very interested in the subject and were very engaged and hands-on with the students' learning."

"Absolutely amazing program that exceeding my expectations!"

"I had so much fun and learned so much; it doesn't get much better than that." 


"Excellent lectures and interactive learning techniques" (Prof. Karl-Michael Schmidt)

"Very good and empathetic teacher in the realm of mediation." (Prof. Lela Love)

"Very helpful and insightful." (Prof. Jorg Fedtke)

"Very knowledgeable about mediation, negotiation, and political mediation." (Prof. Jorg Fedtke)


"The mediation and negotiating classes were extremely useful. The material provided really helped grasp the subject matter. The hypothetical break out sessions were my favorite. They really allowed us to practice the material."

"I feel that I gained a good overview of negotiation and mediation, and feel that this course will help me in my career." 

"I learned a lot about all forms of alternative dispute resolution and think it will be useful knowledge no matter what area I practice in." 

"The Berlin program provided interesting opportunities to put their theories into practice. The material had application in the practice of law and outside of the law."



 "I loved the location, the speed of the program, and the people involved from professors to fellow students and student advisers. All the activities helped people be more comfortable with one another while getting to know the city better."

"The course schedule was short enough to where we had time in the afternoons and weekends to enjoy berlin or travel abroad."

Local Recommendations from Students:

"Doner and curry are great. There is a place by the river called the Green Knight or something like that that is a beer garden/restaurant with good prices and great food."

"Veganz is a vegan grocery chain in Berlin that has all vegan food items."

"Lots of good, cheap street food near the trainstation and couple blocks from the school."

"Doner Kebab at any random shop."

"All the restaurants around school we tried were good; there was an Indian restaurant called Bombay Spice that was absolutely amazing."



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