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Humboldt University:

Safety Information:
Below are a few other website suggestions that you may find helpful in your travels:


German Newspapers (English Language):

The International Herald Tribune is a popular daily English language newspaper published by the Washington Post and is available at many newsstands in Berlin. 


Berlin Tourist Information:
Berlin Transport:


Berlin Theater:


Berlin Museums:


Berlin Maps:


Be a Smart Traveler

Great care has been taken to design educational and leisure activities that will enhance your time abroad. We encourage you to find out more about the countries you will be visiting and to do some advance planning. Even though Berlin is a safe city, it is always good advice to follow common sense rules of travel. Do not carry large sums of cash; secure your valuables; be aware of where you are; and let others know your plans. Please visit any of the Department of State’s websites, such as Country Specific Information or Smart Travel for more information. Another helpful resource is Education USA. With these cares addressed we know you will have a wonderful time. For late-breaking news, check this website.

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