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2018 Student Evaluations:

"Wholeheartedly. This program is incredible on many levels - the location and atmosphere of Cambridge is priceless, the topics are interesting and relevant, every professor was well-informed and engaging, the program well-run, and on and on."



"Hlass-- amazing Professor, super relatable, broke down concepts, expected a lot out of a two week course, but was very thorough. Addis-very great and passionate instructor. Barnard was very passionate about learning from us as much as we were passionate about learning from her."

"Professor Barnard's course was absolutely the standout in the group. I would highly highly recommend her teaching again."

"I enjoyed his insights and humor (Professor Griffin). Approachable and reachable for anything that came up. A great prof and program host."

"Dean Griffin, as well as the staff at the Study Abroad office are fantastic."

"A true gem (Professor Barnard). Clear, experienced, amazing."

"It was a great experience to be taught by professor Barnard, material was very interesting and informative."

"Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to listen to (Professor Addis)."

"All professors are extremely well-versed in their field and did an excellent job of conveying it to the students."


"The courses connected well to one another and furthered my understanding of the economics, laws and politics surrounding immigration."

"I learned a lot about treaties regarding immigration and how to apply them to life situations."

"I now know much more about Brexit, immigration and refugee law then I did before, and am now considering a career in these fields, or at least interning/volunteering with a relevant organization."  

"I gained a much deeper knowledge of immigration laws, especially on the human rights law in the international public law sphere."

"I came into the program knowing I wanted to do immigration law, but knowing very little about it. I now understand a lot of the acronyms that the immigration lawyers at my Immigration Initiative use as well as having a clearer idea of the state of immigration not just in the U.S., but globally. I thought the comparative context was especially helpful as I can return to the U.S. with a better understanding of how other countries have handled or are handling these issues." 


"The true access to Trinity College was absolutely fantastic -- that is a perk of the program that really must be highlighted, because it is so unique and so wonderful. I also really enjoyed the programs we had, particularly the wonderful tour of the Wren Library."

"I really enjoyed the town of Cambridge-- it's a beautiful, historic place with wonderful places to eat."


"All of the field trips and extracurriculars were great."



Recommendations from Students: 

"Tabanco, Fitzbillies, La Margherita"

"Ebes a Turkish restaurant"

"The Mill, The Pint Shop, Heffer's"

"Bread & Meat is an excellent sandwich spot. I would also recommend Bould Brothers Coffee for some excellent coffee (a short walk from Trinity Great Gate). I enjoyed The Architect for a sit-down beer. I would also recommend going to Market Hill for lunch (a bunch of different food stands with lots of options, and it's cheaper than restaurants)."

"Sainsbury's and M&S are great, cheap grocery stores."

"La Raza, Cafe Rouge"

"M&S or Sainsbury to load up on take-away lunch food."


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