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2018 Student Evaluations:
"I forgot I was in law school for the three weeks I was there. And what I mean by that is I could take a break from the pressure and competition that law school cultivates while still enjoying classes and learning about a field that interests me. It was one of the best learning environments I've been in and that's only the half of it. Exploring Rhodes when we weren't in class was an experience I'll never forget!" 
"I liked the freedom, I liked the class structured in the morning and the afternoon and evenings to ourselves."
"I will recommend it as one of the greatest summer experience ever!" 

"I liked that the professors were extremely knowledgeable about their respective topics and could add their own expertise."
"Easy to follow, engaging, good sense of humour, great teaching." (Prof. Davies)
"Clearly an expert, eagerly wants more students to understand the subtle distinctions of topics and terms relating to law of the sea, happy to share that material with us." (Prof. Handl)
"Clearly very knowledgeable about the topic, class was well ordered to follow stages of arbitration." (Prof. Robert Force)
"Managed to pack a lot of information into the class in an organized and understandable manner, has a lot of experience in the field and its noticeable." (Judge DeGravelles)
"Very good ability to distill long and complex cases into the bits needed for class and to understand the larger scope of arbitration." (Prof. Joshua Force)
"Prof Wessman did a great job of explaining a foreign topic in very understandable terms." (Prof. Wessman)

"I think the courses were varied enough to get a good glimpse at how maritime law works. The courses really cemented my interest in the field. The professors obviously love being a part of the program which made class very enjoyable. They all have great hands on experience in their fields and it shows."
"It was my first introduction to maritime law and I learned so much in 3 weeks than I could have imagined."
"Learned a lot about how US law interacts with international law in many different ways. Professors were all able to show shortcomings and benefits of the existing regimes and get us thinking about where the law is and how it could change." 
"Overall understanding of maritime (US & international) law. Great opportunity for comparative approach on legal application of maritime torts in US and Greek legal systems." 

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"I loved the location- Rhodes was amazing and I would love to go back." 

"The location is impossible to beat, and that showed in how happy everyone was to be there which made all the professors happy to discuss and explain any material either in or outside of class."

Recommendations from Students:

"Anna's - small foodtruck on the beach - best place to get quick and cheap food"

"Avgoustinos has the best pork gyro I have ever eaten."

"Avgoustino's for cheap & tasty food, it's even next to a taxi stand. House of Pain for permanent souvenirs. Hosteria Dei Cavalieri for amazing Italian food."

"Petaladika in the old town was delicious."

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