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How and Why to Choose a Particular Summer Law Program 


Tulane Law School was one of the first five schools in the United States to offer a foreign summer law program and has been offering them continuously for 45 years. Our experience, our partnerships with major universities and law faculties around the world and our outstanding faculty ensure successful programs year after year. We believe that taken collectively, or individually, Tulane’s summer law programs are among the best programs offered by any ABA accredited school. In choosing a particular summer law program from the 230 or so now offered, our extensive experience with such programs has taught us that students should consider the following factors:

  1. THE COURSES OFFERED IN THE PROGRAM: Although location is always a factor, you do not want to sit through classes that simply do not interest you. While a foreign summer program is always an adventure, it is first and foremost an academic experience. Don’t think you will be happy in [fill in the blank] no matter what courses you are taking. You won’t be.

  2. THE FACULTY: Students should review the biographies of the program’s faculty, to see if they are experts in their fields, or simply professors who want to spend their summer abroad. Students should look not only at the credentials of the faculty, but should also check to see if the program draws on faculty from a wide variety of schools in the United States, and from foreign law faculties.

  3. THE LOCATION: Does the location of the program make sense, given its academic focus, and does the program take full advantage of that location through field trips, excursions, etc?

  4.  THE HOUSING: What type(s) of accommodations are offered, and at what price?

  5. THE REPUTATION OF THE PROGRAM: While students should always consider the source of anything they hear about a program, if other students from the school they are attending have gone on the foreign program, their experiences and opinions can be invaluable.

  6. THE COST OF THE PROGRAM: Tulane Law offers extremely competitive summer program tuition rates. Cost is always an important factor, however this is one of many factors that students should take into consideration when choosing a program.

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