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Tulane Law School

2018 Student Evaluations:  

Student Reviews


Siena Students 1

"I liked how challenging and eye opening it was, and the opportunity to travel around Tuscany and have discussions in and about museums and the art objects. The professors were also very approachable, and I am very sad that it is is over. Between the art history majors, law students, working professionals, professors, and their connections in Siena, I feel like we had a little family in Italy and I will miss this very much! Thank you for this opportunity."

"The professors and Tulane staff were very helpful in preparing for the trip and providing information regarding the course, housing, culture etc. Admissions process was also quick."

"I was extremely satisfied with how the program was administered. The class was intensive and I learned so much in a short amount of time."

"The program was administered extremely well, Tulane responded to all my questions almost scarily quickly and Erika was wonderful and accommodating once I arrived in Siena."

"I enjoyed getting to know professors outside of the classroom, good networking."


"I gained a broad understanding of the legal underpinnings of cultural heritage protection. I better understand the conventions and legal instruments, how they have evolved, and how they differ in effectiveness."

"I would say that I benefited from the course as it introduced me to a field and topic that I did know something about and cared deeply about prior to this program, but now know so much more and have the tools to go out into the world and make a difference in, or impact. This course cemented my love and passion for the field of art and cultural heritage work, and has prompted me to begin exploring different avenues that would allow me to make it part of my future career. The professors in the program are all so passionate for this subject and knowledgeable on it, and their passion for it greatly rubbed off on me, as we as their knowledge. They were all very encouraging also to pursue work in this field and to be knowledgeable about issues involving cultural heritage impacting communities around the world today."

"I knew nothing about cultural heritage/property coming into this course, I'm leaving with a much more open mind and better understanding of significant issues."

"I think this course will help me going forward in law school. It gave me a good light introduction to classes that I would like to take in the future."

"I learned a lot about the role that museums and international cultural institutions can play to prevent the illicit traffic of cultural property. I discovered the complexities behind international law, and the importance of conducting provenance research when working for a museum or private collector."

"I most liked the deep exploration of provenance research and the problems the field is grappling with as it seeks to expand the practice."


"Clearly the Professor has a wealth of experience in this field; his comments on his personal involvement were extremely interesting to understand the machinations of international institutions." (Prof. Francioni)

"Professor Flora is a great lecturer and delivers information in a really clear way that I appreciate. One of my favorite parts about the program was our trips with Professor Flora to museums and churches in Siena and Florence - I wish we could have had more time!"

"Prof. Larson is a gifted lecturer and I looked forward to his class, and the relatable way in which he approached the topic and his chosen content."

"Brilliant professor. Patty is a master in the field of cultural heritage and it was a pleasure to study with her. I learned so much from her course and appreciate her being willing to expound on her knowledge to better understand the subject better." (Prof. Gerstenblith)

"Great professor. His lectures were interesting and informative and I appreciated his passion for the subject and his knowledge on the various facets of it in addition. Wonderful man and wonderful to work with him." (Prof. LENZERINI)

"I felt that Professor Pavoni delivered the most energetic lectures and I very much appreciated how passionate he was about the material." (Prof. Pavoni)

Siena Students 2


"Housing was excellent, spacious rooms, private bathrooms, beautiful view, cleaning staff."

"The room are huge with private bathrooms for each suite. There is also a weekly cleaning service and free laundry machines. It is far far far better than any US dorm."

"The housing was comfortable, clean, and spacious. It feels safe and there is always someone to help you if needed."


"I think what I liked best about the program was the community our class developed during our time in Siena as well as the programs encouragement not only for us to explore our field of study intellectually while participating but to explore how our field of study relates to the environment we were in, and the region surrounding it. This I greatly appreciated."

 Recommendations from Students:

"Pomodorino !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or la favorita"

"La Nonna Gina for dinner! My favorite restaurant in Siena. There is also a nice vegan food shop on Via Pantaneto."

"SCOUT for clothes, Pizzeria il Pomodorino, Gelateria Nice"

"Il Pomodorino is lovely and has a student discount, and I'd highly recommend a weekend in Montepulciano as a cost effective country escape."

"Nice gelato and Il Pomodorino"

"La Latteria Vecchia gelato..."

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